''Bringing color back to the DOT''

5615 Beings Collection bringing color to the NFT Space.


5615 Beings NFT living on the Ethereum blockchain

At Beings, in addition to bringing various forms of utility to  our members, we are a collection focused on an integrated, diverse and united community.  We believe in a united world full of color, where all beings can be themselves without being judged in any way.

Our Vision

The Beings Universe

Unity and good vibes have brought color back to The Dot, but what about all those planets in the Beings Universe that might want a little color? We want you to be our explorer and bring the colours to the entire galaxy!.

Free to Mint

We aim to pave the way for the future of NFT projects. We believe the free-to-mint strategy builds loyalty, trust and empowers both the project and its supporters to grow together.

The Pilot Academy

Earn your ranks and unlock the next chapter of the story by enrolling your Beings into the Pilot Academy!

The Master Key

The master key is a rare and unique item, which gives its bearer access to different rewards and places. Each Being should have one right? That is why one is created per inhabitant of the Dot. Having one of these keys will be a privilege not many will have.









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